What are Skin Lesions?
A skin legion is a general term used to describe many affliction of the skin such as moles, warts, contact dermatitis, sunburn, and many more. The most general definition is any area of skin that dose not resemble the surrounding area. Lesions are categorized as either primary or secondary. Primary lesions are variation in color or texture caused by the environment, Contact Dermatitis, allergic reactions, or naturally acquired throughout your lifetime, like birthmarks or moles. Secondary lesions are those resulting form a primary lesion being scraped, picked at, or otherwise progressed by outside sources such as bacteria.

How do we treat Skin Lesions?
Because the term skin lesion covers such a wide variety of underling causes we can not list all treatment for every type of lesion here, but you can find specific treatment information on the related page of the underlying cause of the lesion. The usual treatments include, topical creams to clean and kill bacterial infections, cryotherapy or cauterization to freeze or burn off growths, and excision to cut out deeper growing lesions.

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