What is Skin Cancer?
Skin cancer is an abnormal growth of your skin cells. The most common cause of skin cancer is prolonged exposer to the sun. If skin cancer is left untreated skin cancer may spread to other organs of the body. Thankfully skin cancer is more detectable than other forms of cancer. Checking your skin for abnormal changes can help detect skin cancer early, and early detection is important in giving you the best chance for a successful treatment.

How do we treat Skin Cancer?
There are many different treatments that we may use depending on exactly what type of skin cancer you have. The three most common ways are: Cut out the tumor and some surrounding skin and then stitch the skin back together. To scrape away the cancer and use electricity to kill the remanning cancer cells. Or to freeze ad kill the cancer cells with a liquid nitrogen probe. For cancer on the face we may also choses to preform a procedure know as Mohs Surgery.

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