What is Inflammation?
Skin inflammation, also know as dermatitis or a skin rash is your bodies reaction to harmful stimuli like disease, damaged cells, or allergic irritants. It is actually helpful as it is your bodies way of getting rid of the harmful stimuli and starting the healing process. It can appear with many characteristics, such as itching, redness, burning, swelling, chaffing, and scaly crusty skin. Most inflammation will dissipate harmlessly after contact with the irritant is discontinued. If it becomes very painful or persistent then you need to see a dermatologist who will assist you in finding the underlying problem and alleviating the pain.

How do we treat Inflammation?
Skin inflammation has to be treated by it underlying cause, as perviously stated avoiding the irritant will greatly help and be necessary to the healing of the inflammation. To aid in healing we may recommend that you make changes to your daily life such as wearing cooler lighter clothing, bathing less, wearing gloves, and changing detergents. We will also likely prescribe a topical cream to help heal the inflammation, and possibly an oral antibiotic as well.

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