What are Infections?
Skin infections may present themselves in a way that appears to be a simple inflammation but is infection caused by bacteria, virus, fungus, or parasites. The important difference between a simple skin inflammation caused by contact with an irritant and inflation of the skin resulting from and infection is that with the infection the irritant is actually inside your skin. This manes that you can not simply discontinue contact with the irritant and your body may need medical help if fighting off the infect, although it is possible for your body to overcome the infection on its own. Some infection can become life threatening so it is always important to see a properly trained doctor.

How do we treat Infections?
For most infection we will prescribe an oral antibiotic as well as a topical cream that together will help your body fight off the infection as well as build immunities to it to aid if future encounters. Warm compresses and better hygiene are also helpful int the treatment of infections. If you have a serious infection then surgical removal may be necessary, this make it even more important to seek medical attention promptly before an infection has time to spread.

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