What are Growths?
A skin growth is a general term used to describe a benign irregularity in the skin. They can range from harmless cosmic imperfections such as freckles and skin tags to cysts , and moles that may develop into a more serious problem. It is important to remember that just because a growth dose not look harmful and dose not cause you pain dose not mean that it can be ignored. You should make sure to have a dermatologist check out any new growths to make sure they do not pose a threat.

How do we treat Growths?
The treatment for growths, if any treatment is even needed, varies according to the type of growth. With simple cosmetic imperfections Advanced Dermatology doctors may prescribe you a topical cream to help minimize the appearance. For larger growths we may inject medicine directly into the growth to make it dissipate more rapidly. If your growth is deep rooted or protrudes from your body then some simple in office surgery may be required where in we freeze off the growth with liquid nitrogen or numb the area and cut the growth off with a scalpel.

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