What are Full Body Exams?
Full body skin exams are an important tool in the early diagnosis of diseases such as cancer. Much of your skin is not easily viewable yo yourself and that combine with the subtle nature of some diseases appearance makes it easy for you to let a dangerous disease go unnoticed for too long. Yearly full body skin exams performed by a licensed dermatologist drastically reduce the chance of a serious disease going unnoticed and gives us the best chance at fighting it.

How do we preform Full Body Exams?
A full body exam is a simple non invasive procedure where a doctor takes a close visual inspection of the skin of your entire body. This is preform in private and you will be asked to disrobe so that your doctor can preform a through exam. Advanced dermatology employes both male and female doctors that you may request do your exam for your comfort.

More Information about Full Body Exams.
What to expect from a full body exam