What is a Facial Peel?
A facial or chemical peels is skin treatment that is designed to remove the top layers of you skin, thus getting rid of dead and damaged skin. This causes you skin to look and feel cleaner and smoother. Many people be that facial peels are only used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but chemical peels can also aid in treating acne, age spots , freckles, rough skin, and scars.

How do we preform a Facial Peel?
A facial peel is preformed by first cleaning the skin to be peeled, then applying the chemical with a brush. When the chemical is applied it begins to burn away the top layer of your skin, after a few minutes we wipe away the chemical and dead skin. Then alcohol is wiped on the skin to neutralize the acid. For deeper peels the process is the same abut we use a stronger chemical and let it soak into the skin longer, also we may give you some form of pain reliever during the treatment. Any pain caused during the treatment will go away almost immediately after we wipe away the chemical.

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