What is an Excision?
An excision is simply removing something by cutting it out. At advanced dermatology we use excisions to remove some types of skin lesions especially when they involve a deep rooted growth. Although it is impossible to make an excision without leaving a scar year or practice and education enable Dr Li to preform this operation with the absolute minimal scarring possible.

How do we preform Excisions?
The preform an excision the doctors at Advanced Dermatology will give you a local anesthetic to numb the area so you do not feel any pain, then they will mark the area to be excised with a pen. They then use the sharpest of scalpels to painlessly cut around and under the affected area removing the lesion and then examine it to make sure the entirety of the lesion was removed. Finally you skin will be sticked back together so as to line up the creases of the skin edges with one another using a thin line of sutures and your are bandaged up.

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