What are Cysts?
A cyst refers to any closed pocket is bodily tissue filled with some substance, be it air, pus, or some other fluid. On you skin are common and usually formed by the clogging of a pore due to infection, oil build up, or foreign objects. Cysts are normally benign and will not cause long term damage or complications, many will even go away on there own given time. That being said if you have a cyst that is causing you discomfort or growing it should be seen by a dermatologist who can treat and remove it.

How do we treat Cysts?
Depending on your cysts size, location, and composition we have many option for dealing with cysts. If you have a large and painful cyst we will likely want to remove it surgically by numbing and cutting into the skin and and removing the entire cyst, then sticking the wound closed. For some cysts we may be able to simply insert a needle and drain the fluid inside, after which the cyst will collapse and return to normal. For small cysts we may be able to administer an injectable or oral medicine that will help your body to dissolve the cyst.

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