What is Contact Dermatitis?
Contact dermatitis refers to when your skin becomes sore, inflamed, or discolored after coming into direct contact with some type of substance. This is due to either an allergic reaction that may be caused by some type of food or mold, this will be unique to each person, or dermatitis can be caused by an irritant like acid or alkaline material which most people would experience a reaction. Symptoms of contact dermatitis may include redness, warmth, tenderness, oozing, drainage, crustiness, rawness, thickened, or scaly skin. These may occur rapidly after first contact or take months of exposure to occur.

How do we treat Contact Dermatitis?
Treatment of contact dermatitis will likely include a thought cleaning and rising of the affected area in order to remove all traces of the irritant. Sometimes this will be enough to cure the dermatitis, but in the case that it is not cured we will prescribe one of many topical ointments that will aid in the healing process. Also in severe cases we will likely give you corticosteroids either in pill or injectable form.

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