What is Basal Cell Carcinoma?
Basal Cell Carcinoma(BCC) is a form of non melanoma skin cancer that is slow growing and rarely fatal, but can be disfiguring if left untreated. The fact that BCC is slow growing and dose not usually spread may make it hard to notice, that is why regular professional full body exams are important to early detection. Aside form regular exams your should notify a doctor if you notice even a slightly raised sometimes even flat bump on your skin that is pearly, waxy, or discolored. A sore that oozes, bleeds, dose not heal, or has a sunken area in the middle may also indicate BCC.

How do we treat Basal Cell Carcinoma?
Here at advanced dermatology we have a wide variety of treatments available for BCC depending on your specific case. In addition to mohs surgery , which you have likely read about on one of our other pages, we can try less invasive techniques for less severe cases. If your cancer is small and has not dug in we can use electro desiccation to electrocute and scrape off the cancer cells. Cryosurgery can be performed by using liquid nitrogen to freeze the SqCC to death without having to remove any of your skin, letting it naturally fall off and regenerate. We may even be able to treat your BCC with topical medicated creams if it is caught soon enough.

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